Yooper Oooper

Yooper Ooper (uber)

(Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

Gail Lowe “Chosen”, took us up on our Yooper Oooper service on her 4600 mile hike in completing the North Country Trail.

Yooper UBER / On Demand (“Dude, like, can you come get me right now?”)

We are a Transportation Network Company just like UbER & Lyft. You request a ride, via the internet or phone AP. We will send a driver if one is available. Yooper Ooper cannot be scheduled more than two (2) hours in advance. 

This service is not guaranteed, it is based on driver and vehicle availability. We utilize our staff, vehicles, and equipment FIRST and FOREMOST for customers who made advance, pre-paid reservations. If we have extra drivers and vehicles available, we open it up to Yooper Ooper.

Michigan state law requires you must make your request and payment via the internet. We cannot take payment over the phone, however, you can text or call us at 386.227.7768 to see if it is running. 
We strongly encourage you to make a pre-paid, reservation for a charter or one of our packages. However, we understand there may be circumstances where Yooper Ooper is your only option, for example:
  • You just finished your hike and need a ride back to your car
  • You decided the last second to hike, drove up today, just pulled your permits, and need a ride right now
  • You need to be rescued from the hike you are on and brought back to your car
  • You cannot conform to our charter schedule
Cost:  Service charge of $25 + Driving Rate of $1.50 mile + 0.18 minute driving + $0.75 standing. (We use Lyft Plus for our Driving Rates). There is a minimum charge to cover deadhead miles.  Keep in mind that we are driving great distances (an average Yooper Oooper is 110 miles) to serve you with this option. When you use Uber or Lyft in an urban setting, distances are much shorter and the amount you pay is typically under $20. Expect to pay at least $50. 
You will submit a request via our online reservation page telling us the pick up time, pick up location, and drop off location, with a $25 payment. Within five minutes, we will either confirm your request or let you know it is not available. If we are able, we will also tell you the approximate cost of your Yooper Ooper. You have five minutes to accept or decline. If you decline, we will refund back the $25 payment. If you accept, we will send a driver with an approximate pick up time and bill you after the ride is complete and email you the cost. If you do not answer, we interpret this an an acceptance. If you cancel within five minutes of departure, we will only keep the $25. If you cancel after five minutes or are a no show, we will bill you for miles/time our driver traveled. 

Click here to request Yooper Oooper!