Transportation Only Options

Trailspotters & Upper Peninsula Outfitters
is owned by Thomas Funke,
Author of 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail.

Only need transportation?
We offer Regularly scheduled shutles, Charters, Transportation Network (“uber”), and Rescues

Regularly Scheduled Shuttles

Why are you even considering riding the bus? Tap into Tom Funke’s (Author of 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail) expertise and knowledge as you’ll receive free trip planning advice. The public bus? Please. They will tell you to call me!

Daily departures through October 22
700AM EASTBOUND from Munising
900AM WESTBOUND from Grand Sable VC
1100AM EASTBOUND from Munising (select days/by special request-ask us)

  • What do we offer that the public bus does not? 
    Trip Planning…they’ll tell you to call the park or myself
    Free Rescues (you will pay $99 up front for a rescue, but, it will be a credit on your account you can use at a later date for a future service. It does not expire)
    24/7 phone, text, email support…they have bankers hours
    Trailhead to trailhead service…once they dump you off you are on your own
    Super comfortable ride…not a rickety bus
    Online reservations accepted up to noon the day before….one week’s notice with the bus
You get what you pay for!
Before Labor Day,  Register early as low as $14.95 a person up to one week before service (on select dates). Less than one weeks or less it’s $39.95 person.  Reservations close when full or no sooner than 3 days before service and no later than noon the day before. Don’t delay!
Click Here to make a reservation before Labor Day
After Labor Day, its $79.95 for up to three persons, $20 each additional person.
Click Here to make a reservation after Labor Day
Check out our full slate of outfitting opportunities at


We provide transportation for up to six persons & gear
One signed copy of 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & One killer map of Pictured Rocks. 
Pick the date, time and trailheads.
Cost: $129 for the group

(Add on trip insurance for $9’day)

Must be made four days in advance.

Contact us to make arrangements

Yooper Ooper (uber)

(Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend)

Yooper UBER / On Demand (“Dude, like, can you come get me right now?”)
We are a Transportation Network Company just like UbER & Lyft. You request a ride, via the internet or phone AP. We will send a driver if one is available. 
This service is not guaranteed, it is based on driver and vehicle availability. We utilize our staff, vehicles, and equipment FIRST and FOREMOST for customers who made advance, pre-paid reservations. If we have extra drivers and vehicles available, we open it up to Yooper Ooper.
You must make your request and payment via the internet. It is a violation of Michigan State Law to take TNC requests over the phone.
We strongly encourage you to make a pre-paid, reservation for a charter or one of our packages. However, we understand there may be circumstances where Yooper Ooper is your only option, for example:
  • You just finished your hike and need a ride back to your car
  • You decided the last second to hike, drove up today, just pulled your permits, and need a ride right now
  • You need to be rescued from the hike you are on and brought back to your car
  • You cannot conform to our charter schedule

Ready to request a YOOPER OOOPER?

  1. Text 386.227.7768 to see if the service is available and request a quote.

  2. If so, click HERE to make a $25 deposit.

  3. Once we receive your deposit, we will send a driver.

  4. Final costs are billed at the end of the ride.

Cost:  Service charge of $25 + Driving Rate of $1.50 mile + 0.18 minute driving + $0.75 standing. (We use Lyft Plus for our Driving Rates). There is a minimum charge to cover deadhead miles.  Keep in mind that we are driving great distances (an average Yooper Ooper is 110 miles) to serve you with this option. When you use Uber or Lyft in an urban setting, distances are much shorter and the amount you pay is typically under $20.
1) If you cancel within five minutes of a driver’s departure, we will only keep the $25.
2) If you cancel after five minutes, we will bill you for miles/time our driver traveled.
3) If you are a no show, we bill you for the amount quoted and you’ll be charged a $100 “no show fee”. 
Click here to Request the Yooper OOPER!


We guarantee this service for our customers It is not available to Non-Customers.

Did you take out trip insurance with us? If so, you must request your rescue using the DeLorme InReach Device.

 Otherwise, call or text us 386.227.7768

Contact us 1.386.CARSPOT or

Looking to make a reservation? Consider making it online.
Click here to make an online reservation.
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