Kal-Haven Trail



Kal-Haven Trail

Info about the trail can be found on the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail website

How this works

Our drivers are part of the Uber & Lyft network of drivers. But with one notable quality. They have BIKE RACKS on their vehicles! What you do is contact us with a date, time, and trailhead.  We will calculate your fare based on the Uber or  Lyft Fare Estimator. Currently, it is $77 for a scheduled, PLUS Lyft ride during non-peak times, between the G Ave Trailhead and the Bailey Road Trailhead in South Haven.
You will pre-pay us the rate, plus a $25 service fee. We will schedule the LYFT or UBER and one of our partner drivers will come and get you at the prescribed time and place.
How cool is that?




Call us to make a reservation

All reservations are to be pre-paid, in advance.

It would behoove you to get your request in as soon as possible. Day of requests may be possible, but not likely. Cancellations forfeit the $25 fee. No shows forfeit the entire fee.

Unlike the previous vendor, we do not sit in a vehicle waiting for you to call for a ride.

We plan our staffing, vehicles, and equipment around reservations.