Kal-Haven Trail



Kal-Haven Trail

Info about the trail can be found on the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail website

**We operate on a pre-paid, reservation system made in advance, preferably by noon the day before***


March 1 – October 15

We specialize in group trips making an advance reservation.
We have a minimum charge to run the service.

Day of requests are no longer being honored.
We are not UBER.
If you are unable to make a reservation and need to be picked up after your ride,
make a request through the UBER app.

Call us to make a reservation

All reservations are to be pre-paid, in advance.

Ask us about chartering us for the Kalamazoo River, North Country Trail, etc.

 We will only operate on a pre-arranged, pre-paid reservation system. No “UBER” requests.

We are not UBER. If you want UBER, get the UBER app and make your request to UBER.

Reservations will need to be in at least three days in advance.
Unlike the previous vendor, we do not sit in a vehicle waiting for you to call for a ride.

We plan our staffing, vehicles, and equipment around reservations.