Kal-Haven Trail



Kal-Haven Trail

Info about the trail can be found on the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail website

How this works

Did you know UBER and LYFT operate between Kalamazoo and South Haven? Due to this new circumstance, there are three ways you can arrange a LYFT ride.

  1. Go to the Lyft Website and request a pre-scheduled ride. You’ll give them pick up time, date, and location. This works best if you are spotting a vehicle.

  2. Using the Lyft App, make a LYFT PLUS request. Confirm with driver their vehicle can carry bikes/passengers.

  3. We have a Lyft Driver on staff. Contact us in advance and pay a $25 deposit. We will meet you at the trailhead at the date/time you tell us. You will submit a LYFT PLUS request and we will get the notification. You will pay Lyft which then pays us.

Lyft PLUS is usually $77-95 dollars between trailheads.


Contact us trailspotters@gmail.com or call 386.227.7768