North Country Trail Services


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Serving the North Country Trail
From Ironwood to St.Ignace!
May 1 – October 15

Take advantage of the expertise!
Owner, Thomas Funke, is author of
50 Hikes on the North Country Trail, and,
50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


We offer four types of services: Advice, Packages, Charters, & “Uber”

1) Advice
(we call this our “Budget NCT Package”)

If you don’t need our assistance with transportation (loop hikers, out and back hikers, two car spotters, or other alternative transportation) you can tap into our knowledge about the trail. For $49, you will receive a copy of “50 Hikes on the North Country Trail” and one North Country Trail map. Additional maps $9. And, you can contact us anytime and as many times as you wish for advice and counsel on your hike.

2) Packages

In 2017, we will offer different packages for our North Country Trail hikers. Packages will include one or more of the following:

  1. A SIGNED copy of either 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula –OR– 50 Hikes on the North Country Trail 2. Unlimited trip planning with Tom Funke, author of the above books an owner of Trailspotters.
    2. All the official North Country Trail maps needed for your trek
    3. A DeLorme InReach, satelite transponder to alert us in case of emergency
    4. FREE rescue if you need it.
    5. Lodging the night before, or, night after your trek! Your choice of Camping, Motel, our Vacation Rental, or a luxury  hotel in Munising.
    6. North Country Trail Membership / Discount for those already members
    7. Breakfast the morning of your departure.
    8. Of course, we’ll spot you before you trek.

Click here to see North Country Trail Packages

2) Charter Shuttle Service

 We will work with you to choose a pick up time, date, and location on your schedule.
Rates:  Mileage $1.25 mile + $0.25 minute while moving + $0.75 while standing. Deadhead miles are $1.00 mile, max $25 each way.  Trip insurance is recommended and is $9 a day. We will provide a DeLorme InReach communicator. Rescues without trip insurance $295.
Minimum cost is $125 for a group of 2.

Contact us. for a quote
Arrangements are to be made and paid for 4 days in advance.

(On Demand /Unscheduled Service/UBER)

This service will resume in May of 2017.

$1.68 mile between trailheads + $25 each way to cover deadhead miles over 25 miles.
Based on driver availability.  This service is only available if we have drivers/vehicles available.
Serving the eastern half of the UP (Marquette/Escanaba to Sault Ste Marie/St. Ignace)



Q. Hey, didn’t you used to have a regularly scheduled NCT shuttle with specific departure times and trailheads?
A. Yes, we did. They are now part of our packages.

Priority given to those reserving a Package!
Important note: this shuttle does not make stops inside Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore!  In fact, we man bypass the park entirely to save drive time to points east and west! If you are hiking the entire North Country Trail in Pictured Rocks,  or, any segment within, you need our Pictured Rocks Shuttle

Charters may be booked anytime but must be made and paid for at least 48 hours in advance.
Yooper UBER is based on staff & vehicle availability.

You’ve been planning this trip for months, don’t wait until the last second to make your transportation arrangements!
Less than 24 hours, CALL US

  In addition, did you know you could utilize the Indian Trails bus line to set yourself up on a long hike?

The North Country Trail is within close proximity to the following bus stops:

Battle Creek (1/4 mile)
Rockford (on the trail)
Manton (6 miles)
Petoskey (on the trail)
St. Ignace (1/4 mile)
Marquette (1 1/4 mile)
Ironwood (4 mile)

Calling after your hike? Day of your hike? Prepare to grovel.

Calling with less than required notice? Call us, we’ll do our best. But don’t expect our posted rate.
And maybe you should read this    1.386.CARSPOT